Who is this 'Randy Love' character really?

This IS what I look like!

Behind the bar at a party, go figure!


Well, I'm a transplanted Southerner from the state of Arkansas. I moved (by very good enticement) to Southeast Michigan to continue my career with RGIS Inventory Specialists as a COBOL programmer. Up until the Summer of 1996, I worked for RGIS as an Area Manager in the Fayetteville, AR office where I started out as an Auditor.

I was born in Hot Springs, AR. But, I grew up all over the southern half of Arkansas. I graduated from Smackover High School, in Smackover, AR, in the spring of '85.

I then attended the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville from Fall '85 until the money ran out in the Spring of '90. That is when I started at RGIS in Fayetteville as an Auditor, and by April of '94, I was an Area Manager.

I haven't given up on my goal of completing my college degree. I have acquired my Associate's Degree in Computer Information Systems from Oakland Community College since I have lived here. I completed that degree in June of 2000 with a 3.90 GPA while working full-time.

I continue to work for RGIS in Michigan as a Programmer/Analyst in both C++ and COBOL while working to finish my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I have been active in several different areas in regard to emergency services, law enforcement, and amateur (ham) radio. I am a very active "ham" that continues to do weather spotting and disaster/emergency communications now in my new home of Oakland County, Michigan.

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Updated 6/16/01